Marijuana Business Marketing Made Easy


Marketing a dispensary in 2017 is not the easiest task… Although pot has been legalized in most states and provinces, large companies like facebook and Google refuse to allow advertising for the cannabis industry. Granted there are ways to sneak ads past their filters, we end up optimizing more so for the Ad filters, than the target customer.

PPC For Dispensaries

Doja Marketing has cracked the code on PPC advertising for pot products. We have launched several successful campaigns on Facebook for our clients using sponsored posts, and FB Live video.

Cannabis SEO

Our main focus however, is Search Engine Optimization. When somebody searches Google for a local dispensary, no paid ads will appear in the search results. This means that whoever is ranking for those keywords is receiving the lions share of the traffic. This traffic has very high buyers intent, and generally translates into new customers.  One of the most attractive things about SEO is that you are investing in the long term success of your business. Once you are ranked, there is no need to continue paying for service (until competition tries to take you down).


The good news is that the Cannabis Marketing industry is still new, and the competition is still low. It is the best time to get in on the ground floor and secure your company’s online authority in this rapidly growing industry!

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